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Top 10 Games

This list is entirely of my own opinion and experience, you’re more than welcome to completely disagree with my choices. n_n”

#10. Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic II

Personally I enjoyed this game more than the original, some people think otherwise, but I thought the story in this was a lot more engaging. This game is great because of many reasons, one of them is the option to be good or evil, Jedi or Sith, you could heavily influence people via deep conversations, choose to let people live or die, and all of it would effect your story. Being able to build my own Lightsabers was pretty awesome, the force spells made combat a lot of fun, especially being Sith, I couldn’t resist! :3 Bioware did very well on this game, and they’ve used a lot of parts from this game in Mass Effect and Dragon Age. 🙂

#9. Super Smash Bros. Melee

Who didn’t love this game? It’s by far the best multi-player game to ever hit a console, the characters and fighting were done so well, even the story mode was fun and interesting. The fighting was so much faster than the original on N64, at first it was a little overwhelming, but after a bit of practice it made it so much better, I became a little bit obsessed with this game I admit. 🙂 I did get to the point of being able to beat a 3v1 CPU team all on level 9’s, as Falco, my main star, I remain undefeated against friends, Falco ftw! ^_^

#8. Seiken Densetsu 3 (Secret of Mana 2)

Another one of Squares classics, a lot of people say the original is better, but most of them have never played the sequel, seeing as it was only released in Japan it was very difficult to get a copy, this game was so underrated it isn’t funny, it never got the glory it deserved. It was one of the first games to use Class-Changing, which is a lot like how Pokemon evolve once they reach a certain level, basically once you reached level 16, you could take your 3 characters (which you choose out of 6 at the start of the game, all with unique story-lines) to a mana stone, and you will have 2 options per character, either Light or Dark, both with unique names and abilities, I mainly used the werewolf guy, I think he had Bashkar for Dark and Monk for Light? Anyway, at level 34 you could come back AGAIN, and evolve once more, becoming either Light-Dark, Light-Light, Dark-Light or Dark-Dark, all with different abilities obviously, it was incredible, it still is, the techs you can get on that game are a lot like Street Fighter, this game is just ace! 🙂

#7. Darksiders

This is a game that’s definitely worth playing, it’s based around a post-apocalypse, and you play as War, one of the Four Horsemen, War is an awesome character to play, in a way he reminds me of Arthas in Warcraft III, back when he wasn’t gay. The combat in this game is awesome, and very similar to God of War, but I preferred it more, the executions are just as good, but the 8-foot sword is a winner, also you can tap into Chaos Form, which is this massive badass demon-thing, the name is very descriptive, you kill everything. Apart from the combat, the story does very well, for Vigil’s first game they’ve knocked it out of the park, definitely looking forward to the sequel, where you get to play as Death. This game has a lot of puzzle-solving, a bit like Zelda, it’s a lot of fun, and you also have your horse, Ruin, who is pretty much the best horse I’ve seen in a video game, actually no, anywhere.

#6. Paper Mario: The Thousand-Year Door

I randomly hired this game out one day and I was instantly drawn in by it, it seems strange to think that a Mario game could provide a compelling story, well it does and it’s one of the most awesome story-lines I’ve ever had the privilege to play through. The combat seems dull and boring at first, it’s turn-based, and on a stage with an audience, it’s very odd but somehow they make it work, and provide exceptional game-play. Unfortunately they couldn’t deliver twice, with Super Paper Mario on Wii being quite terrible, and directed at an entirely different audience it would seem, but it can be forgiven for creating such an amazing game, I believe I’ve played through it 5 times, and it has one of the most difficult end-bosses I’ve ever seen, it’s torture, but absolutely brilliant. 🙂

#5. Mass Effect 2

John Fucking Shepherd, he is my hero, I’ve never enjoyed playing a pre-made character as much as I have in Mass Effect, Shepherd is pure badass, he’s a pretty cool guy, kisses girls and doesn’t afraid of anything. I didn’t think Bioware could pull off a good FPS-RPG when I first heard about ME, but they did it, and did it well. I think what made this game better was the Paragon and Renegade options, being able to choose an option mid-convo when it popped up and change what was happening was an awesome feeling, especially telling that Krogan to shut up and then shooting a gas valve underneath his feet, setting him on fire, priceless! The relationships you can create with your team mates makes the game even more interesting, although Miranda takes forever to give it up. John Shepherd, the only captain to bang every woman in his crew and live to tell the tale! Yes, I had all 5. 😉

#4. Batman: Arkham Asylum

I always hoped they’d make a Dark-style Batman game, after seeing the new style they decided to go with in the remakes of the movies, luckily my wish came true and they did just that, but better, this game has unique fist-to-fist combat, a lot of grapple-style fighting, use of tricky gadgets, a captivating story it’s brilliant. Joker makes a great villain in this game, also Riddler’s riddles made the game even more interesting, it made entering a new area even more fun, I think this game was the first in years that I got a legit 100% clear on, it was that good. I think the best thing about this game would have to be the bits with Dr. Crane, the first one creeped me out so bad, that scene in the morgue, so eerie, it was done so well, I can’t wait for Arkham City to blow my mind.

#3. Dragon Quest VIII

I was a bit skeptical about this game at first, I decided to buy it after seeing it on the back of my Final Fantasy XII booklet, and figured I’d give it a chance. That was probably one of the greatest ideas I’ve ever had, it turned out to be incredible. It’s a very strange game, the artwork is similar to anime, the fighting is turn-based, and a bit dull in early parts of the game, but eventually becomes fantastic. The story and characters will draw you in, you play as a guy that pretty much never speaks, exactly like Chrono Trigger really, it gives you the impression that you’re just a common person travelling with a strange bunch of people, but you eventually find out that isn’t the case at all, as the story unravels you begin to discover what happened in the past and what brought you to your current situation, and the plot that Dhoulmagus (Bad guy) has in mind for the future. This game is really cute, funny and outright fun!

#2. The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess

The greatest Zelda game to date, in my opinion, I thought it was fantastic. The whole idea of shifting between the real world and a world within Twilight was genius, transforming into a wolf for me was one of the best perks. The artwork was gorgeous, the story was awesome, the weapons were unique, the Twin-Claw things being one of the most fun. I still hate fighting those damn spiders, especially the boss one, oh man, scary shit. It’s a game filled with excitement, puzzles and action, I’ve played through it 4 times, which was painful seeing as Zelda games only have 3 save slots, I had to delete one! Looking forward to Skyward Sword!

#1. Chrono Trigger

If you haven’t played this, you’re missing out and your entire opinion on RPG’s is completely invalid, it is hands-down the greatest game ever created, Square rose to glory on this title and they’re still famous for it until this very day. Final Fantasy is nothing compared to this game. If you’re all about graphics then I pity you, yes it’s nice to have nice pretty graphics, but without the other elements that make a great game, what’s the point? This game provides, provides and provides some more, the combat system, in my opinion, is still better than any other, performing triple-techs is the most glorious thing ever. They deserve some sort of shiny award for this game, it is truly a masterpiece. I could go on and on about this game, but really you have to see it and play it for yourself, so I implore you to give it a try. 🙂

So that’s it, if you haven’t played any of these games, I recommend them ALL! :>

Although I think that was blatantly obvious, wasn’t it?


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